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Brand Introduction
Hunan branch Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (Goke) is China's direct broadcast satellite TV demodulation and decoding chip leader, domestic satellite TV standard setting participants and core chip suppliers. Products are widely used in satellite, cable, ground and other digital TV set-top boxes. The company is headquartered in Changsha and has set up branches and research and development centers in Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen, and has an experienced core technical team. The future, the company will continue to focus on domestic and international satellite TV, cable TV, Chinese next generation broadcasting network (NGB), chip design and development scheme of automotive electronics, consumer electronics, smart meters, to stride forward to the international well-known chip design company.
Product Series
Security encryption, demodulation and decoding chip, GB DCAS, multi decoder chip, digital audio chip, monitoring chip, Wi-Fi chip, etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, instrumentation, communications / network traffic / automobiles
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